Marauder Memoirs
Flak Bait Anecdote
by Dr. George Lane of Houston, TX

I only flew Flak Bait three times on missions, but the last time I flew it we had a lot of damage. I won`t forget the last one--7/20/44. I was fighting a wounded right engine all the way home , but got the real shock on touchdown when the left main gear was flat. Fortunately the left engine was ok so with full power we managed to hold it on the runway and didn`t damage it any worse. Trevor Allen called that mission category A/C flak damage. I never have known what that meant, but I remember one of the mechanics gave me a big hunk of flak out of the #i12cylinderof the right engine.

I have always suspected it was the plane I was test flying one day when both props ran away on takeoff and would not correct rpm with the manual switches. How we ever got around that pattern at 3300rpm I will never know, but I will always believe it was God`s own hand.


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Last edited: 28 February 2003
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